• Image of Revenge of the Byclops!

Two eyed monster, just known as “The Byclops” seeks his revenge on the band Pink for President for dismissing him from the lead-man role and replacing him with nice and delusional Zach. The Byclops searches the galaxy for the perfect revenge plot while Pink for President attempts to make it through a simple practice session.

Track Listing:
1. Initiation
2. Twizzlers
3. Byclops Begins
4. Web-slinger
5. The Other Night
6. I'm in Love with...
7. The Candle Man
8.Catching On
9. Boneless Chuck
10. Operation Dickless Corpse
11. Go Fuck Yourself
12. Man of Grass
13. Grass Man
14. Battle Song
15. Let's Fuck
16. Laura
17. Buttsuckers
18. Saggy Bitches
19. Revenge!